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April 2018

Gold Coast Party Cruise

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Looking to have your birthday on a Gold Coast Party Cruise? Then celebrating your birthday on board Top Cruise Rani is just so perfect for you. We assure you that you will enjoy your party, and we’re pretty sure your guests would to!

A Gold Coast Party Cruise is actually more unique and fun than a regular party hosted in a hotel or in a restaurant. Why? Because aside from having good food and the finest drinks, themed decorations, great music, and well-prepared program, a party celebrated on a boat cruise is far and beyond exciting because everyone is partying and cruising at the same time!

Impress Your Guests

There is no greater way to celebrate your birthday other than celebrating it on as a Gold Coast Party Cruise because everyone gets to travel while partying! The scenery is ever changing! Aside from the special planned party, Top Cruise Rani can also throw some water adventure activities and instant surprises that everyone would definitely love.

So if you want something different, our Gold Coast Party Cruise boat is for you!

Be with nature

Another reason why it’s so much fun to celebrate your birthday on a boat cruise is the chance to be with nature! Who would not love to feel and smell the fresh air of the ocean and see the breathtaking views while cruising across the waters of The Gold Coast? Not to mention having the chance to see the marine life while you are celebrating your birthday on a boat cruise with all the people you love.


Exclusive Use Means Privacy

Partying on a boat cruise gives privacy to the celebration. No one will definitely gate crash and no one will complain no matter how long and loud the party music goes even in the dead of night. Who would care? The dolphins and dugongs wouldn’t care less!

Since everyone is on the same boat cruise, it allows everybody to isolate themselves from the noise of the city and the public. Hence, allowing each one to be more bonded. It also gives them a unique way to relax as they sail on the calm waters. Superb!


We Do Everything For You

Having a Gold Coast Party Cruise is all in 1 fun and it frees you from the hassle of thinking how to make your special day or your loved one’s birthday exceptionally memorable. It also frees you from all the preparations because Top Cruise Rani will handle everything for you!

So sit back, chillax and watch your dream birthday party happens right before you!


Day or Night – It’s Your Choice

You can choose whether you’d like a day event or something in the evening – both offer something different. If you want those gorgeous night lights twinkling on the broadwater then an evening cruise is for you. Perhaps you want swim stops and water activities, then a morning & lunch event is a perfect choice.



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