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THE M.V RANI est. 1987

Welcome to Rani Cruises, where the parties are as loose as our Captains grip on his weekly pay-check. Let me tell you about our girl, the MV Rani – she’s a true-blue Gold Coaster through and through. Born and bred on these shores, actually 1km away from here, she’s been cruising these waters since she was built in 1987.

This 59-foot locally owned beauty has seen it all since she transformed into Rani the party girl, now 18 years old. But fear not, she’s no delicate flower – at 16 tons, she’s as sturdy as they come and is ready to see more rowdy times! From 18th to 90th birthdays, we’ve repeatedly been surprised with which gets more loose. Work Christmas parties are one of our favourites – we never know who’s gonna bring the chaos, whether it’s the tradies or the police precinct!

But we’re not just about birthdays and work do’s. We host any get together you wish – family reunions, Australia Day blowouts, Easter, St. Patty’s, you organise it, we’ll bring the rum! And let’s not forget our legendary hens and bucks parties, engagements, weddings and even divorce parties – keep an eye out for our new ‘tie and untie the knot package’.

With a fully stocked bar, ample space for soaking up the sun, cozy indoor seating, and a dance floor that’s seen more shapes than a geometry class, we’ve got everything you need for ripper of a day/night. And don’t worry about the tunes – just hook up your playlist via Bluetooth, we won’t judge your music taste, but your mates might.

Set sail and cruise through the breathtaking scenery of the Broadwater together. We just have one rule that is set in concrete – What happens on the Rani, stays on the Rani. 

THE M.V RANI est. 1987

Welcome aboard

Step on board & let the whole crazy crew take you on an adventure you won’t forget!
An owner operated 61ft customised cruiser, the MV Rani is one of the original
operating party cruise boats on the Gold Coast that continues to offer a unique and
personal experience for any occasion.
We are a fully licensed vessel and have a number of catering and entertainment
options that can be tailored to suit your needs.

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C arm, Mariners Cove Marina, 60/70 Seaworld Drive
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